Packaging Supplies

When you’re mailing out a package, you need more than just a box to send it in; you need supplies that will protect and secure the items that you are mailing out. At Triumph Container, not only do we supply the corrugated boxes you need to ship your products in, but we also provide the packaging supplies you need to ensure your goods are shipped safely. Some of the packaging supplies that we offer include:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Packing Tapes
    • Pressure Sensitive Tape
    • Reinforced Water-Activated Tape
    • Kraft Gummed Sealing Tape
    • Warning and Fragile Tapes
    • Custom Printed Tapes
    • PVC Carton Sealing Tape
    • Double Sided Tape
    • And More!
  • Steel Strapping
  • Bubble Wrap

And so much more! Your goods will arrive safe and sound, thanks to our wide range of high quality packaging supplies.


Tissue Paper
Give your delicate merchandise extra cushioning with economical tissue paper.


  • Available in plain or custom printed, in a range of sizes
  • MF, MG, colored or white
  • Makes an attractive wrapper for gift packages

Sheet Sizes:
10″ x 15″
12″ x 14″
17″ x 27″
20″ x 30″
24″ x 36″

Kraft Paper
Low cost, general purpose packaging material.

kraft-paperProvides a protective layer to prevent scratches, cover boxes or books.

Use as a void fill for shipping

Basis weights with approximate roll length:
40lb – 900′
50lb – 720′
60lb – 600′
70lb – 514′
90lb – 400′

Custom sizes and weights available.

Cut sheet sizes available

Roll Sizes (Width)


Packing Peanuts
Delight your customers by packing your products with a loosefill that provides excellent cushioning performance.

packing-peanutsFlows readily and is compatible with most loosefill handling systems.

Excellent resiliency and cushioning properties.

S-shape interlocks firmly and prevents settling

14 cubic ft. bag – buy in bulk means you will always have packing supplies on hand.

  • White Regular
  • Green Anti-static
  • Pink Anti-static
  • Flo-Pak
  • Cornstarch*



*Envirofill Cornstarch is a biodegradable loosefill packaging material.  Maintain your packaging rate efficiency with starch-based loosefill.  Envirofill can be reused several times.  After use, Envirofill disperses quickly in water and can be rised down the sink.


Packing Tapes

Kraftback Pressure Sensitive Tape

kraftback-PS-tapeFor general carton sealing where portability and the ability to be torn by hand are important.

The high strength also makes this product ideal for splicing usage.

2″ x 60 yds. – 24 rolls/case
3″ x 60 yds. – 12 rolls/case



Reinforced Water-Activated Tape
TCI offers three grades of reinforced tape to meet the entire spectrum of customer applications.

Strong and reliable reinforced tapes are ideal for sealing heavy packages and cartons that will be subject to a high level of abuse during shipping.


2333" x 375'Light to MediumKraft8
2353" x 375'MediumKraft / White8
2353" x 450'MediumKraft / White10
2353" x 600'MediumKraft / White10
2553" x 375'HeavyKraft8
255-4503" x 450'HeavyKraft10


Kraft Gummed Sealing Tape
Fast, permanent adhesion paper tape lets you seal more cartons per hour.  These tapes provide superior performance in light to medium carton sealing applications and unitized loads or full pallets where the extra strength of reinforced tape is not needed.


Available in Kraft or White

1.5″ x 600′ – 20 rolls/case
2″ x 600′ – 14 rolls/case
2.5″ x 600′ – 12 rolls/case
3″ x 600′ – 10 rolls/case





Warning and Fragile Tapes
Our unique warning tape is designed with a special warning message to draw attention to tampering.  It cannot be removed without detection. The tamper-resistant tape helps protect products and increases profitability.


3″ x 375′ – 8 rolls/case









Custom Printed Tapes
Custom printed tape is very impressionable.  Not only are our printed tapes much cheaper than printing on cartons, but you can add prestige to your packages, build customer goodwill and respect.  With our quick custom print program, every carton that leaves your company will yield lost cost, added exposure for your logo, message or special promotion.

Short lead times.  You get quick turnaround on printed order.



PVC Carton Sealing Tape

pvc-tapeIn stock for immediate delivery

Available in Clear or Tan

2″ x 55 yds. – 36 rolls/case
2″ x 110 yds. – 36 rolls/case
3″ x 55 yds. – 24 rolls/case
3″ x 110 yds. – 24 rolls/case





Double Sided Tape


Fast, immediate bonding for posters, tags and a variety of different uses.

Excellent adhesion to paper and plastic

Custom width size available from 1/4″ to 54″ wide

1/4″ x 55 yds. – 96 rolls/case
2″ x 55 yds. – 36 rolls/case
3″ x 55 yds. – 24 rolls/case




Steel Strapping
Heavy-duty industrial unitizing

steel-strappingProvides superior holding power over poly strapping

Available guage: .015 | .020 | .023 | .031

Average weight: 100 pound per coil

Packed 12 coils per skid

Available widths:
3/8″ | 1/2″ | 5/8″ | 3/4″



Bubble  Wrap



Air Bubble Cushioning Protects All Your Interests

Durable top-quality air bubble cushioning materials – rolls, sheets, bags and pouches provides excellent protection for a wide variety of applications.

Commercial grade air bubble cushioning material designed for the majority of industrial needs

Cross perforated every 12″ for easy tear off

Non-perforated rolls always available

Bubble rolls available in anti-static pink and green recycled grades.

Bubble Size
Roll Size
12" x 500'4
16" x 500'3
24" x 500'2
48" x 500'1
12" x 375'4
16" x 375'3
24" x 375'2
48" x 375'1
12" x 250'4
16" x 250'3
24" x 250'2
48" x 250'1